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#1044-Có một người đã biến tất cả chờ đợi của em thành đáng giá… #1043-Nhớ kỹ 5 thuật đối nhân xử thế giúp bạn cả đời thọ ích #1028-Cô giáo tiếng Anh -“Tôi cần giúp các em quay về với những giá trị đạo đức truyền thống” #1038-Người xưa trị quốc như thế nào mà- … Lire la suite

Marketplaces Year in Review 2020

2020 was the best year for e-commerce marketplaces in over a decade. E-commerce growth had a step change, and marketplaces captured most of it. In aggregate, it was the most successful year for sellers and brands that transact through them, too. The Year in Review looks at the state of marketplaces and describes the most … Lire la suite

Amazon Advertising Guide (Formerly Amazon Marketing Services

No matter whether you’re launching your first private label product, reselling wholesale products, or you own a large brand, it’s imperative that you have an Amazon advertising strategy in place.  As a seller, big or small, it’s important to fully understand the various advertising tools Amazon has to offer—especially as the competition continues to grow.  … Lire la suite

Mariners CEO Kevin Mather resigns after video comments

Seattle Mariners CEO Kevin Mather resigned today after video surfaced over the weekend of him expressing his views of the club’s organizational strategy and making insensitive remarks about players. Mariners Chairman John Stanton said Mather’s comments were inappropriate and do not represent the views of the franchise. Mather’s resignation is effective immediately, with Stanton taking … Lire la suite

Top U.S. Imports from India

India is one of the United States’ most prolific global trading partners. The country is famous for its textiles industry and supplies fabric to many of the world’s top clothing brands, including those sold in the American Amazon marketplace. How has the trade relationship between the U.S. and India changed over time, what are the … Lire la suite