Do You Actually Need It?

While most of the features of the web app we’ve mentioned so far are mainly for the product research phase, Jungle Scout’s Launch feature is solely targeted at the post-launch phase, where you’re trying to get your listing to show up on the first page of search results.

In case you didn’t know, Jungle Scout operates a bunch of different Amazon-related services, such as Fetcher, Splitly, Forecastly and so on. The Launch feature that is now baked right into the web app used to be called Jump Send, and it’s an all-in-one service that takes care of almost everything you need for a successful launch on Amazon.

Launching a product on Amazon is a chicken-and-egg situation, where if your product doesn’t sell, it doesn’t get a low BSR to improve its chances of getting ranked on the first page. However, even the most amazing product won’t get sales if it’s buried behind 5 pages of search results in the first place!

This is where Launch comes into play, where you get to offer discounts to a large group of Amazon shoppers to buy your product, generating that boost in ranking that you need in the beginning. With better ranking, comes better organic visibility to your product, which consequently means even more sales. This boost can easily put your product in an upward spiral after gaining initial traction.

On top of that, Launch also comes with a built-in email responder tool where you can set up email sequences to be sent to your customers. This can improve the rate where your customer leaves a review and goes a long way to catch a potentially negative review before a disgruntled customer decides to post it.

These core features make Launch the quintessential tool for any Amazon product launch, and while it comes with the web app, you’re going to need to pay an additional fee for Launch. The pricing is tiered very reasonably to the number of orders you have, so you can rest assured that profits from your orders can easily cover the cost of the Launch subscription. After all, it’s $49 per month for 500 monthly orders and only $69 per month for up to 2000 monthly orders.

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