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FRAUDULENT company with extremely rude customer service – take your hard earned money elsewhere…you’ve been warned!!

First of all, I was not impressed by this software (which is fair enough – some companies provide different/better services, and I’m ok with this). My issue is that despite cancelling my account in August 2019, this company continued to charge me for almost a year until my husband noticed the charges on our account. It was being charged to our old credit card so unfortunately I wasn’t checking the statements and my husband was paying it off, believing it was a service I was using.

Upon realizing that the company continued to charge me, and also increased the rate by $30 each month, I contacted their customer service who informed me that my account was in fact only temporarily paused which is why services resumed. Despite providing evidence to the contrary, that I had in fact cancelled it, they then stopped replying to my emails.

There is no phone number listed online for jungle scout and noone is replying to my emails so this is hundreds of dollars wasted.

The company can clearly check the back end and see that I didn’t log on once during this period but they don’t care. Once they have your money good luck getting hold of anyone!

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